Tetris (Nokia Series 40) 8.76.30

Official version of the classic puzzle game for S40 phones


  • Addictive as ever
  • Contains the original soundtrack
  • Neat, colorful graphics


  • Fiddly control system
  • Just one game mode


This Series 40 version of Tetris recreates the magic of the block-building puzzle game on your mobile phone.

Unlike other mobile versions of the game, such as Tetris for iOS, the S40 build of Tetris only comes with one game mode - Marathon. This is the classic format of piecing the falling bricks together to create lines. When a line is made it disappears and you score points.

As you continue building lines in Tetris you progress through 'levels' (though the board design doesn't change), and the bricks fall increasingly quickly until you have very little time to think about where you're placing them. Luckily, there's a ghost option that previews where your block will land in order to help you.

The presentation of Tetris is neat and colorful and the graphics have come a long way since the original Game Boy version. The original Tetris music is included, albeit beefed up a bit with a fresher sound.

Tetris for Series 40 retains the addictive gameplay of the original, though the controls could be improved, with more gesture-based support. Only other mobile versions of the game, there are separate buttons for rotating and sliding blocks, and it's a lot more fiddly than if you were able to drag blocks around and tap to spin them. Clicking on a block will only cause it to fall quickly, which can catch you out at the beginning if you're used to other Tetris games.

Although it's let down a bit by its controls, Tetris for S40 stays faithful to the original gameplay, meaning you'll be glued to your screen for a long time!



Tetris (Nokia Series 40) 8.76.30

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